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If other than natural father is listed indicate relationship. DD FORM 93 INSTRUCTIONS JAN 2008 ITEM 7a. Mother Name. Disinterested person sign all copies in ink as follows First electronic versions of the DD Form 93 see DoD Instruction 1300. NOTIFY INSTEAD 9a. DESIGNATED PERSON S Military only 10. CONTRACTING AGENCY AND TELEPHONE NUMBER Contractors only DD FORM 93 JAN 2008 PREVIOUS EDITION IS OBSOLETE. Reset Adobe 7. CONTINUATION/REMARKS 15. SIGNATURE OF SERVICE MEMBER/CIVILIAN Include rank...
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Who needs a DD form 93?

Members of the uniformed services have to fill out DD form 93 in order to make a list of contacts in case of an emergency and designate beneficiaries in case of death. It is every soldier’s and officer’s responsibility to properly fill out form 93, because otherwise it would be impossible to execute their will and contact desired family members, spouses and friends if it hadn’t been filled out.

What is DD form 93 for?

DD form 93 stands for “Record of Emergency Data”. It can be used by both military personnel and civilian personnel to contact people from the list on this form in case a service member is harmed.

Is it accompanied by other forms?

It is not accompanied by any other form. Service members must keep the information in this form up to date.

When is DD form 93 due?

It is required that this form be completed upon joining the military or leaving for a mission. The due dates will be appointed by senior officers.

How do I fill out a DD form 93?

There are two sections to fill out: Section I details emergency contact information. Service members write their name, SSN, and reporting unit code or duty station. Then they write spouse name, address and telephone number, children names, dates of birth, father’s and mother’s names and all their contacts. After this, service members must indicate who should not be notified in case of emergency and who should be. Section II records Benefits Related Information. Service members must provide names of contacts of beneficiaries for death gratuity, beneficiaries for unpaid allowances, and people authorized to direct disposition. This form should be signed in the presence of a witness.

Where do I send it?

Pass it to the recruiting department in your military facility or other designated person.

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Instructions and Help about dd 93 form
Laws dot-com legal forms guide a DD Form 93 is a Department of Defense form used to gather information to be used for notification in case of an emergency or death it is used by both military members and contractors mainly those in high-risk areas the DD Form 93 is available on the Department of Defense documentation website or can be supplied through the chain of command in order to properly fill out a DD Form 93 you must start by gathering your emergency contact information record your personal information in boxes 1 through 3 providing your name social security number and your military division or civilian category in box 4 provide your spouse's name and address if you do not have a spouse you should leave this box blank however you can include a former spouse in this box in box 5 you must list all of your children the relationship to you their dates of birth and their contact information including address and phone number boxes 6 and 7 are to be used for identifying your parents with each parents address if you do not want any of the above to be notified in case of injury or ill health state in box 8 who not to notify and who to notify in their place for military personnel they must name a designated military person and their address in box 9 for box 10 contractors must put their contracting company and the contact information at this point non-military members have completed the form and need to only certify the DD Form 93 on the second page with their signature and date military members are required to name beneficiaries of death benefits in boxes 11 12 and 13 these beneficiaries cover death gratuity unpaid pay and benefits each beneficiary must be listed with a percentage of benefits they will receive list each beneficiary's name and contact information once completed the form must be certified and filed with the Department of Defense keep a copy for your records to watch more videos please make sure to visit laws com